Julie’s Jewels

Guide to healing properties 


Agate helps calm and sooth getting rid of tension and anger.  It helps strengthen blood vessels, heals skin disorders and eyes. Also helps cleanse the pancreas and lymphatic system.


Copper is well known for its healing properties.  It can relieve symptoms caused by arthritic and circulation problems.


Fluorite is a powerful healing stone which is said to cleanse and stabilize the aura.  It also helps stress and concentration and can help strengthen bone tissue.


Onyx is good for healthy feet and teeth.  It treats disorders of the blood, bones and bone marrow.  Promotes self confidence and encourages happiness and good fortune.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper calms the emotions so is a good worry bead.  It can help strengthen and detox the circulatory system, help dissolve blockages to the liver and help reduce digestive disorders.


Rhodonite is an emotional balancer that helps clear emotional wounds.  It helps stimulate and activate the heart.  Also it can help relieve insect bites, ease inflammation of the joints and arthritis and reduce scarring.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, friendship and relationships.  It is good for the heart and circulatory system.  Not only can it help reduce high blood pressure it can also alleviate vertigo.

Tigers eye

Tigers eye is said to bring the wearer good luck, can help reduce anxiety and tension, stabilise mood swings, help focus and determination and also helps courage and builds self-confidence.  It is also good for healing eyes, the throat and reproductive organs and helps heal broken bones and can also help strengthen the spine.